Terry Fox Information

Terry Fox information

Bonjour mes (petits) amis et leurs adultes,

(Hello, my little friends and their adults),

Welcome to an exciting Tamworth year! There is so much to catch up on! But first….

Tamworth Elementary School is proud to take part in this year’s 40th Anniversary of Terry Fox’s Marathon of Hope.

It will be very different this year which adds some fun challenges, but we are up for the task! Our run will be on October 19 during your child’s French class. The Kindergartens will hold their own run.

Fundraising for Terry Fox this year will include online fundraising only.

How to fundraise online? Your child can set up their own fundraising page by following a few steps:

1. go to and click on Terry Fox School Run on the top bar.

2. Click on ‘How to Crete a Students Fundraising Page’ under ‘students’

3. Follow the steps (search for Tamworth Elementary School).

You can share this link with friends and family, neighbours and community members, please be wary about the information you are sharing, especially regarding your children. The TFF encourages you to avoid door-to-door fundraising to keep everyone safe, even in a pre-Covid world, as safety is theirs and Terry’s priority.

Fox Facts: Did you know? Terry Fox was almost run off the road in Quebec several times. The reason being that Terry had not become popular news in Quebec due to language barriers. Terry and his crew could not speak French; therefore, les Quebecois did not understand why a man was running in the road. What could have helped Terry in this situation? La réponse: le français!


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Merci mille fois,

Madame Bishop