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School Handbook
Developing Learning Skills - Life-Long Learning

Independent Work
- work well without supervision
- complete tasks and assignments on time and with care
- follow routines and instructions without supervision
- identify and pursue learning goals and tasks independently
- respond and participate in a variety of learning activities

Problem Solving
- solve problems independently
- devise a plan to solve the problem
- devise alternative solutions or ways of solving a problem
- make connections between different problems and solutions
- apply successful strategies to new problems

Use of Information
- effectively interpret and synthesize information
- integrate learning from various subjects/areas of learning
- gather information effectively, using a variety of techniques and sources
- consider all information and alternatives before reaching a conclusion
- organize information logically and creatively and manage it effectively

Conflict Resolution
- resolve conflicts when they occur
- resolve conflicts independently
- seek positive solutions to conflicts
- use a variety of strategies to resolve conflicts appropriately
- help the group to identify and use strategies for conflict resolution

Goal Setting to Improve Work
(with assistance, with peers, independently)
- use identified criteria to assess work
- assess own work
- identify goals
- identify specific steps or actions needed to reach goals or to improve
- identify strengths and areas for improvement in your work

Class Participation
- participate in class and group activities
- accept various roles within the class and group, including leadership roles
- accept a share of the work to be done
- communicate well with class and group members
- show respect for the ideas of others in the class and group

Homework Completion (work habits)
- follow directions and complete homework on time and with care
- put forth a consistent effort
- demonstrate interest in and enthusiasm for homework assignments
- persevere with complex projects that require sustained effort

- welcome new tasks and seek new opportunities for learning
- seek challenges and take risks
- be interested in and curious about objects and events
- observe, question, and explore
- approach new learning situations with confidence

Cooperation with Others
- willingly work with others
- share resources, materials, and equipment with others
- work and play cooperatively with others
- establish positive relationships with peers and adults
- respond and be sensitive to the needs and welfare of others

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